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lagom bakery burrill lake sourdough


During the height of the Covid-19 lockdown in 2020 sourdough was the talk of towns all around the world. Our head baker, Brinley started baking his own sourdough in a close friends restaurant, Gwylo, distributing it to a few select shops locally and taking orders for pick-up days.

As lovers of sourdough and only the best pastry, Jon and Brinley with the help of friends and a community, took the opportunity to play with the possibility of their own bakery. The community gave great feedback! So here is Lagom, in lovely Burrill Lake on the South Coast of NSW.

lagom bakery sourdough baguette
lagom bakery sourdough bakery folding

Lagom is a Swedish word that translates to 'Just the right amount' which is our ethos when it comes to our baking and selling - Quality ingredients, perfect and simple, to enjoy slowly and in moderation.

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